The European Commission chooses to raise awareness on cancer prevention and health

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The European Commission chooses to raise awareness on cancer prevention and health -

May 21st, 2019


The European Commission's Joint Research Center has chosen's Participated DiagramsTM - digital and transmedial education program for cancer prevention - as an awareness tool in its events dedicated to prevention and health.

The use of the innovative experiential learning path created by the founder of, Luigia Tauro, was inaugurated, in a version customized with the colors and the logo of the Commission, on May 16 and 17 during the School Days "Science For Europe, Science For Me ”in the Joint Research Center of Ispra (VA). The event involved around 900 students from more than 20 institutes in the provinces of Milan, Varese and Parma.
Participatory Diagrams - the result of collaboration with the Visual Journalism Platform of the University of Bolzano - were created to inform and train small local communities on cancer numbers and good prevention practices, with a physical approach, perceptible through senses other than sight, and playful.
"The tangible representation of the data - explains the founder of, Luigia Tauro - allows people to interact with figures such as the incidence of cancer and survival which, if only read or listened to, are often not fully understood and internalized . The best way to spread knowledge and awareness, increase access to screening and reduce the social cost of cancer. "
Participated Diagrams integrate the visualization of data with materiality and physical interaction with the public. An active, experiential and shared learning methodology that successfully copes with the need to find new languages to significantly expand the culture of prevention and achieve new collective awareness objectives.

In the first part, participants are asked to answer, by knotting a thread of wool, some questions about their lifestyle and in particular about "modifiable" risk and protection factors (smoking habit, alcohol consumption, nutrition and physical activity…). Virtuous behavior on these issues is the first good prevention practice.
In the second part, behaviors are related to some facts, such as life expectancy, the percentage of deaths in Europe due to non-communicable diseases, the overall number and the most frequent type of cancer. The goal is to verify the degree of information of the participants and make them aware of their own information gap, so as to arouse their curiosity about the correct information and then guide them to learning through the illustrative booklet they receive at the end of the course.

The collaboration with the JRC will continue in the coming months: the Participatory Diagrams have been designed as a modular system, thanks to which different health and prevention issues can be addressed from time to time.

________________________________ ( is the first digital and transmedial education program on cancer prevention designed for companies and organizations that care about the well-being and health of their employees. Born in 2017 from the experience of Luigia Tauro, manager with a long career in digital innovation and cancer survivor, is a brand of Prevention For You Srl, an innovative company for social purposes specialized in education, engagement and awareness on the theme of prevention through digital technologies.

European Commission Joint Research Center - Directorate for Health, Consumers & Reference Materials - Knowledge for Consumer Health and Safety ( is the unit of the Commission that supports EU policies in the field of food safety and consumer health - by mapping, collecting, analyzing, checking the quality of scientific data, methods, tools and knowledge available in this field worldwide and communicating them in a systematic and easily understandable way.