Cancer: prevention starts at work on Donna Moderna, in the interview with our fouder Luigia Tauro
Cancer: prevention starts at work -

August 26th, 2019

"Luigia, cancer survivor (in 2008 discovers she has breast cancer), has conceived and promotes a new and ambitious cancer prevention project: its name is and aims to involve all 17 million Italian employees. She bet on prevention, because she - a woman with a smiling pragmatism - questions the figures and finds answers with them: 4 out of 10 tumors can be avoided thanks to prevention.

Luigia herself tells her story and her project on Donna Moderna. Special thanks to her, because there is an urgent need for a new vocabulary to talk about the disease, leaving aside false promises, fake news and warlike images; illness is "a great exercise in awareness and imperfection to be faced every day" says Luigia, who gives us the lexical and emotional coordinates of this new vocabulary. "Myriam De Filippi