21 Days to impact Challenge

Celebrate our 4th birthday by participating!
21 Days to impact Challenge - Knowandbe.live

February 4th, 2021


February 4th is World Cancer Day and KnowAndBe.Live's birthday. To celebrate it, we have joined the "21 Days to Impact Challenge" proposed by WorldCancerDay on health and prevention and we challenge you to participate with us. 

Starting from February 5th, every day for 21 days, you will find posts on our social channels full of tips, activities, inspirations, tips to learn good prevention practices with us. 

The proposed daily challenges will focus on movement, healthy eating and living well and healthy.

Share the challenges you faced by tagging #WorldCancerDay and using the hashtags #WorldCancerDayChallenge #IAmAndIWill or let us hear in the comments.

P.S. Why 21 days? Because it is the number of days it takes to create a positive habit.