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An emotional video has the aim of emotionally engage and have the viewer identify him/herself to transmit shared values and good behavior.

In our videos, each witness traces his/her own history of the disease and treatments, virtually answering some questions that allow the viewers to identify themselves and learn from the experience that is told to them:

Who are you? Ordinary people, different in age, gender and background, are united by the disease. The thought that you want to generate is: it is like me, it could be me;
How did it go? The description of the experience is detailed and focused on the different moments: diagnosis emotion reaction;
And now? It is the moment of projection for the beholder. Translates the thought What happens to me if I don't?: the witnesses are all alive and present to themselves, but the experience is not painless. The intention in this phase is played on the borderline between fear and the possibility of avoiding it;
What's left? The time machine of the story rewinds its tape. The viewer returns to a time when everything has yet to be decided. Each user has "gone through the experience" of the witnesses and is now ready to acquire good practices for a healthy life.


An introductory video, which deeply touches the emotional strings and can be published on the company intranet to promote access to online courses, and six testimonials.

On larger organizations, to this can be added - on a project basis - the creation and management of a real corporate community of interest, the identification of internal witnesses to be protagonists through storytelling workshops, a mobilization program with the widespread use of visual communication and gamification techniques.