Case History Transmec Group -
Case History Transmec Group -
Transmec Italia chooses for a prevention path
Participated Diagrams and training courses on cancer prevention in the innovative corporate welfare project
Case History Transmec Group -

Transmec Italia introduced in 2018 an innovative welfare plan for all its employees, with a platform that assigns each employee an annual award (credits), with increasing value based on the years of company seniority. The offer includes, among others, health services and social security payments, repayments of interest on loans / mortgages and education expenses, the purchase of electronic vouchers of different categories. 

"We believe that the workers are the real wealth of the companies and an important goal of the Transmec property is that we work with serenity, offering valuable help to family spending plans" explains Franca Scagliarini, Transmec Italia HR manager.

“In parallel, in collaboration with KnowAndBe.Live (+ Knowledge - Fear), we are proposing a path of prevention on the knowledge and risks of the main oncological diseases, on how to prevent them through correct lifestyles and targeted diagnostic tests.

By accessing courses on cancer prevention, with participatory diagrams and digital content accessible online, scientifically validated and customizable, the program aims to reduce fear and significantly expand prevention practices and access to cancer screening. It is the first digital education program drawn up for companies and their employees. ", Concludes Franca Scagliarini.